Experience History: Work, Ride or Drive a Fell!

6 August 2014

Our website is being transferred to a new host during the first part of August and we are on the road. If an email bounces, please try again a day later or I can receive texts on the cell phone listed on our contacts page. Sorry for any inconvenience it might cause.

We have two recently gelded boys who we have taken on temporarily to work with and rehome. The POA cross is still availalbe. See the boys for more information and photos.

Check out what our ponies, and others, are doing in Eugene, Oregon with Kimberly Dunn in her excellent training program, Getting Grounded.

Click here for Kimberly's Flickr Fell Pony page. Direct links have been provided on pony pages for Flickr and youtube videos of individual ponies.

Nothing happens by accident, and selling Kimberly her first Fell becuase we were needing to do an emergency sale has been a very beneficial (non)accident. We are enjoying seeing what she is doing with our Fells while we are unable to work with them as much as we'd like.

Copperbeech Casper, our stallion, has been with Kimberly since late summer 2013. An especially fun event was a snowy day in December: Sledding with Copper.

We have extra Fell and native pony books for sale. Click here for list of books.

Due to property changes, our herd is scattered with most in Oregon. Some are residing at Hawleywood Farm in Medford others in Eugene, Oregon, and a few purebreds in Seal Rock also. If you are interested in visiting, contact us and we will happily arrange it.